The Sunshine Conference materials are now available on our website!

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Did you miss our Sunshine Conference on March 13, 2018? Was there a session that you would really like to share with your co-workers? The materials and recordings from our Sunshine Conference are now available on the State Archives’ website. You can also access the videos from our YouTube channel. We hope that you will find these materials useful.   …

The Civil Case Files are Coming!

Rae Gifford Research, Utah State Historical Records Advisory Board

Dedicated to providing access to valuable historic records, the Utah State Archives and Records Service began a multi-year collaboration with FamilySearch on November 1, 2017. Our goal is to digitize all of the civil case files from each county in our holdings. As with any significant project, we have multiple stages running at the same time. Currently, we have an …

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Do you need a valentine to share? Try one of these! Today we have been sharing valentines on Twitter. They were created by the awesome Holly Dolan from the Denton County (Texas) Department of Technology Services. Records Management Term Definitions: Administratively valuable: An appraisal noting the usefulness of records for the conduct of current and/or future administrative business needs. Custodian: …

Happy Holidays from the Archives!

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More than 70 years ago, while the world was fighting World War II, the holidays were still coming to Utah. Lights were strung, festivities planned, and Christmas cards sent. In the Correspondence records of Governor Herbert Brown Maw (Records Series 221), I found the following letter from the Utah State Department of Public Welfare: In this year of world-wide struggle …

Reformatting in the Digital World

Rae Gifford Electronic Records, Records Management

In an effort to highlight the different aspects of the archival work here at the Utah State Archives and Records Service, we have created a new blog series about our Reformatting Section. We will discuss our Reformatting Team’s interesting projects and technologies that affect our efforts to make our government’s records more accessible. Microfilm is still recognized as a durable …

Image of proclamation sent out with state seal in 1884

Happy Thanksgiving

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We at the Utah State Archives are grateful for the public, administrative, and legislative support that allows us to fulfill our mission: to assist Utah’s government agencies in the efficient management of their records, preserve Utah’s governmental records of enduring value, and provide quality access to public information.

A Day to Honor Our Veterans

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Since 1954, the United States has observed a National Veterans Day. The U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs has succinctly defined this as a day “set aside to thank and honor ALL those who served honorably in the military – in wartime or peacetime…. [It is] intended to thank LIVING veterans for their service, to acknowledge that their contributions to …