Birth and Death Research Guides Updated

Gina Strack Research Guides

Research Guides related to finding birth and death records for Utah both historical and current have been updated, including confirmed contact information and records availability. Birth Records Obtaining Birth Records (less than 100 years old) Death records Obtaining Death Records (less than 50 years old) On a related note, the Utah State Archives is currently finalizing free online access to …

Court Record Guides Updated

Gina Strack Research Guides

What began as an effort to update some county probate court information, eventually overhauled two research guides: Probate Records – List of records updated and separated by originating courts with concurrent jurisdiction (during the territorial period). Adoption Records – Expanded to include a list of records based on descriptions and appropriate dates (more than 100 years ago), also linked Utah …

Marriage Records Research Guide updated

Gina Strack Research Guides

The Research Guide to Marriage Records at the Utah State Archives has been updated. Historical background has been added to the introductory text related to how civil registration of marriage came to be in Utah, which helps explain why there are generally no government records of marriage before about 1888. The list of record series has not been comprehensively updated, …

Military Records guide updated

Gina Strack Research Guides

  Just in time for Veterans Day on Wednesday, November 11, 2009*, the research guide for military records organized by wars and conflicts has been updated. The text now includes more historical context for such key records as those of the Territorial Militia (or Nauvoo Legion) which are some of the earliest records at the Utah State Archives, as they …

Recent Naturalization Records

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Naturalization records after 1906 are available from the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services, as explained in our Research Guide on Naturalization. The records discussed as part of the Genealogy Program, however, end in 1956. If you were naturalized in the time since, you may be able to request a Replacement Naturalization/Citizenship Document from BCIS. Submit Form N-565 which is …

Post-1906 Naturalization records moving to U.S. National Archives

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Naturalization records maintained by the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services since 1906 will be transferred from the Department of Homeland Security to the National Archives and Records Administration beginning in 2010. Public access will be available if the immigrant has passed away or turned 100 years old. Previously, these files were available through a laborious Freedom of Information Act …

New Supreme Court Research Guide

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While looking for some related information, I discovered a research guide for Supreme Court records written probably around 1997, when several relevant records series were processed (such as Abstracts & Briefs and Opinions). It has now been adapted for online use and checked for anything obviously overlooked in the time since its writing. Utah Supreme Court Records research guide

Government Publications and Information

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A new research guide is available with an introduction and some information on finding records informally classified as Publications: Government Publications and Documents Unlike the original records created by Utah state and local agencies held by the Utah State Archives, publications are meant to be widely distributed and often come to the Archives in non-traditional ways. A majority of recent …

Legislative records updates

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A series inventory for the House of Representatives’ Floor debate recordings is now available. Topics discussed in the recordings include proposed legislation, votes on legislation, testimony or comments on legislation, resolutions, and all other business conducted on the floor of the House. The container list is organized into a list of legislative days that correspond to the House Journals. The …