Book of The Pioneers Celebrating 1897 Jubilee Now Online

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The 116-year-old “Book of the Pioneers” is now available with a full-text search on Utah State Archives web site at The Archives collaborated with the University of Utah J. Willard Marriott Library for conservation and repair of the one-of-a-kind book. In addition, the library created high-quality digital images for viewing online. The “Book of the Pioneers” is “a record …

Territorial Executive Papers Online

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The organic act passed by the U.S. Congress on September 9, 1850 created an office of territorial secretary with three major functions: (1) To record and preserve all laws and proceedings of the Legislative Assembly (2) To record all acts and proceedings of the Governor in his executive department (3) To provide copies of these official acts to specific federal …

Records from Territorial Governors Online

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Recordkeeping was not quite the same for governors during the territorial period (1850-1895), compared to more recent years with offices full of staff to keep track of correspondence, photographs, and artifacts. The Archives does have a few things in its holdings to provide insight into territorial governance, which are now going online as part of the Utah Territory Project. Governor …

Utah Archives Month 2012

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The calendar for Utah Archives Month is now being updated for October 2012 events at The events hosted by the Utah State Archives and Utah State History have been posted (including on Facebook): 10/1/2012 – Randy Silverman: Year of the Newspaper 10/12/2012 – Cevan LeSieur: “The Avenues of Salt Lake City” 10/15/2012 – Brock Cheney: “Plain But Wholesome: Foodways …

Top Baby Names in Utah 1906 Edition

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It’s time to update and compare the most popular baby names, as found in birth certificates that are now public. A few shuffled around, but the #1 are the same as the year before (view 1905 top names) Boys John William James George Joseph Charles Frank Robert Edward Harold Girls Mary Alice Florence Ruth Thelma Helen Edna Dorothy Edith Mildred

We're Back!

jbulloughrm Records Management

The Records Center (RC) completed its relocation to the new Freeport Center location in Clearfield. Effective Wednesday, March 28, 2012 the RC will begin accepting records retrieval requests and records transfer requests. The process for requesting and transferring records remains the same. You can view an informative training video on how to transfer records to the RC on the Archives’ website. …

Battleship Utah Silver Service

Gina Strack History

Just over one hundred years ago, the people of Utah were asked to raise money for a silver service set to be presented to the new ship named in honor of the state, the U.S.S. Utah. A committee was formed to accomplish this task and their records may be found at the Utah State Archives (Series 1129). As part of …

The ten-hour day

Susan Mumford History, Records Management

Most government offices in Utah are now open from 8-5 Monday through Friday. Though some state employees have retained an option to work four ten-hour days, staff members at the Archives look back with nostalgia at the three-day weekend. Others think a ten-hour day is way too long. With diminished budgets and staff, government offices are attempting to do more …

Keeping Everything? Applying General Retention Schedules

jbulloughrm Records Management

Utah has general retention schedules designed to assist governmental agencies in managing their records. These schedules provide a description of the records, a suggested GRAMA classification (public, private, protected, controlled, or exempt), a length of time that they must be kept (retention), and a final disposition for the records. The disposition of records falls into two categories: 1) destroy the …

Simplifying Access to Government Records

Susan Mumford GRAMA, Records Management

Simplifying Access to Government Records One duty of a records officer is to provide public access to government records. To help simplify the records request process, records officers and the public should be clear about the records or information requested. Records retention schedules can be used as a tool to accomplish this. Some questions to ask are: Where are the records kept? …