The Utah State Records Center Security

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The Utah Division of Archives and Records Service understands that an entirely paperless office is nearly impossible. Therefore, 6 years ago we moved and renovated the Utah State Records Center in order to provide a secure, offsite records storage facility for state and local government agencies. The Records Center can store 139,254 cubic feet of records for multiple agencies.   With …

Classification and Big Bucket Retention

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Co-authored by Archives and Records Service RIM Specialist Rebekkah Shaw and Chief Records Officer Kendra Yates.   We received feedback that record officers are confused about why we are consolidating the General Retention Schedules (GRS) and what a big bucket approach is. Why are the General Retention Schedules being consolidated? Back in July, we discussed what classification means in records and information management: …

Verifying a Requester’s Identity

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The Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA) provides for the release of private records to certain individuals. These individuals include the subject of the record, a parent or guardian, and additional individuals who have a notarized release or power of attorney (Utah Code Section 63G-2-202(1)(a)). GRAMA also states that before releasing a private (controlled or protected) record, a records …

New World War I Records Online: Foreign Citations & Decorations

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In 1922, the War Department forwarded a packet of translated documents to Utah’s Adjutant General. The War Department had been working to publish a book identifying all of the American soldiers who had received a foreign citation or decoration, such as the French Croix de Guerre (Cross of War) and the Polish Kryzyż Walecznych (Cross of Valor). Unfortunately, they were not able to fund such a project and were providing the pertinent records to each state with the hope that the states could publish them.