USHRAB’s 2023 Grant Funding Round is Here!

Genesie Miller Utah State Historical Records Advisory Board

The Utah State Historical Records Advisory Board (USHRAB) is awarding grants of up to $7,500 to cultural heritage organizations, non-profits, and government institutions who undertake time-limited archival projects. USHRAB grants fund projects that preserve and/or provide access to historical records that reflect Utah’s diverse populations and histories. To date, USHRAB has awarded more than $400,000 in grant funding for Utah-based archival projects!

Funding is competitive and applications are required. Funding must be matched 1:1 in kind or in cash and projects must contain a public access component. If you would like to know more about the types of projects USHRAB grants fund, eligibility, requirements, necessary forms, and view the application details, please visit our website

In alignment with USHRAB’s 2023-2027 Strategic Plan, the Board hopes to provide an equitable opportunity for organizations that are new to the grant writing process to compete with larger organizations that have dedicated grant writing teams. This year we have made draft applications mandatory for all applicants. After the application deadline of April 15, the Board will meet and provide a list of questions and feedback for the applications. Applicants will be given several weeks to respond to the Board before resubmitting. The Board will review applicant responses and meet for final funding decisions. The goal for these changes is that this feedback and response period will give every applicant a chance to present their projects in the best possible light. For any questions or concerns, please contact the USHRAB Executive Secretary Gen Miller.

For fourteen years, the Board has awarded grants to a variety of institutions, from universities to small museums, county archives to tribal libraries. If your organization has historic records that are in need of preservation or need to be made more accessible, please visit our website to find more information about how USHRAB can help.

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