Public Comment Policy

We welcome your comments on our blog posts. We will make best efforts to review comments and post them as quickly as possible.
Here is some information you should know in advance.

  • Our blog account is moderated and we will only post comments from commenters over 13 years of age.
  • We will remove comments that contain abusive, vulgar, offensive, threatening or harassing language, personal attacks of any kind, or offensive terms that target specific individuals or groups.
  • We will remove comments that contain personal or protected information (either your own or someone else’s), including home address, home or cell phone number, or personal e-mail address.
  • Links to other sites are viewed as spam and may result in the comment being removed.
  • We will remove comments that are clearly off-topic, that promote services or products, or that promote or oppose any political party, person campaigning for elected office, or any ballot proposition or initiative.
  • Reporters are asked to send questions directly to staff and to refrain from submitting questions here as comments. Reporter questions will not be posted.
  • We do not discriminate against any views, but reserve the right not to post or to remove comments that do not adhere to the above standards.
  • Commenters who repeatedly violate this policy may be prohibited from posting.
  • Communications made through our blog’s messaging system will in no way constitute a legal or official notice or comment to the Division of Archives and Records Service or to any official or employee of the Division for any purpose.
  • The content of all comments are released into the public domain unless the commenter clearly states otherwise, so do not submit anything you do not wish to broadcast to the general public.

Page last reviewed 4/8/2019.