Almost done: House Working bills

Gina Strack Digital Archives

The online digital collection of the House of Representatives’ Working bill files are nearing the completion stage with almost 80% of the sessions from 1896 to 1989 represented (1990 to the present of course are available from the Legislature’s site). Specifically, this includes general and special sessions from 1896-1917 and from 1941-1989. The remaining years are being scanned and should be online very shortly. One thing we have learned is that the more recent files you get, the more volume there is! For instance, those remaining years of 1919-1939 fill up only 12 microfilm reels, whereas the 1980s alone were 53 reels. Clearly, having to typeset or even handwrite documents greatly reduces the amount of papers necessary for legislation, that or the modern legislature as in many other areas is that much more complex.