1918 Birth Certificates Online

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Birth certificate images for 1918 are now online! Browse by county and date of birth to locate the correct folder. If you are not finding a record where you expect or otherwise need help, send an email to our capable reference staff at archivesreference@utah.gov. Also use this address to ask us about birth certificates for 1919-1923, which are available for …

Cover of the 1893-1933; Petition for Naturalization

Becoming American: Declarations and Naturalization Records from Sevier County, Utah

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This blog post was written by Valeria T. Solano Rojo, a summer 2023 intern at the Utah State Archives and Records Services. She is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in History from Western Illinois University. On July 4, 1776, the thirteen colonies declared independence from the British Empire to become the United States of America. The new nation turned into …

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2022-2023 in the Utah State Digital Archives

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The Utah State Digital Archives contains collections from records of enduring value online and is free to the public! It leverages mass digitization and partnerships to meet patron needs and maintain archival context and original order. With worldwide online access, you have the ability to do research from anywhere while the Utah State Archives efficiently fulfills its mission “to provide …

Court Indexes Now Online for Weber County and Iron County

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“Start your search—but don’t finish it—online.” Sunny Jane Morton and Judy G. Russell, “Researching Courthouse Records In-Person and Online” The Utah State Archives has a lot of court records. Before computer systems and databases, access tools were needed and created to locate a specific record. It was common from the 1800s to the late 1900s to use either bound index …

Photo by: George Edward Anderson. Used in "The Peoples of Utah" (1976).

Coal Correspondence: Inspector Gomer Thomas and the 1900 Scofield Mine Disaster

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This blog post was written by Jack Tingey, a 2023 Intern at the Utah State Archives and Records Service. Jack graduated from BYU with a BA in history and an emphasis on 19th century American history. On May 1, 1900, International Workers Day, Utah State Coal Mine Inspector Gomer Thomas searched through the wreckage of the Winter Quarters No. 4 Mine, …

Utah Drought Solutions Under Governor George Clyde, 1957-1965

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This blog post was written by Sadie Webster, a fall 2022 intern at the Utah State Archives and Records Services. She is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Library Science from Emporia State University. Drought is a common plague for the agriculture industry in the dry and torrid West, particularly in a place such as Utah where this industry is …

Mountain Meadows Massacre in the Records

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What Happened The Mountain Meadows Massacre occurred in September 1857 in a highland valley roughly 35 miles southwest of Cedar City. The Baker-Fancher emigrant party, traveling through Utah on their way from Arkansas to California, was attacked by members of the local Iron County Militia and purportedly some local Paiute Indians. The emigrants fought back and a five day siege ensued. On the …

Part of a civil case file record

Territorial Court Records from Cache County Now Online

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In 1852 the Utah Territorial Legislature provided that the Probate Court should have jurisdiction not only in estate and guardianship matters, but original jurisdiction in civil, criminal, and chancery cases. The Probate Court could act as an appellant court to the Justice of the Peace Courts in the County, and decisions made in the Probate Court could be appealed to …