Birth certificate from 1917

Browse Birth Certificates Online: 1917

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Birth certificate images for 1917 are now online at Although they are not indexed by name yet, if one knows the birth date and county it should not be difficult to locate the correct folder and browse through a few images for the time being. Free saving and printing of images is available. Birth certificates are the permanent legal …

First Two Women in the House: Stories of Utah Women

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The newly ratified Utah State Constitution finally provided women the right to vote and to hold office in 1896. Sarah E. Anderson and Eurithe K. Barthe were elected for the very next term in the State House of Representatives.  Eurithe K. LaBarthe Eurithe K. LaBarthe was born in Illinois in 1845, moved to Colorado where she was a teacher and …

AnnaBelle Weakley: Stories of Utah Women

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AnnaBelle Shaw was born in Mississippi in 1922. She moved to Ogden during World War II when her fiancé was stationed at Hill Field, now known as Hill Air Force Base. They married at the end of 1942. After the war they divorced and AnnaBelle met and married her second husband, Billie Weakley in 1947. AnnaBelle Weakley and her husband …

Jane Manning: Stories of Utah Women

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Jane Manning has been immortalized in the lore of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She was born African American in Connecticut in the early 1820’s. Her mother was enslaved, but was emancipated by the time Jane was born. Her father died when she was very young. She gave birth to her first son in 1839 but the …

Suffrage and Stories of Utah Women

Alberta Hill Henry: Stories of Utah Women

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Alberta Hill was born in Louisiana in 1920, where her parents worked as sharecroppers. As African Americans, they were discriminated against in Louisiana. When she was three, her family moved to Kansas where they hoped for a better racial climate and educational opportunities for their children.  When Alberta was a teenager she was in a car accident. A piece of …

Suffrage and Stories of Utah Women

Olene Walker: Stories of Utah Women

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Olene Walker was born in Ogden, UT in 1930. Her parents were both educators and her father was the Ogden School Superintendent for 25 years. Olene was elected to her first position in the student government during junior high. She later earned a debate scholarship to Weber College, but transferred to Brigham Young University after her first year. After earning …

New Discoveries in the Archives: Murder and Racism in 1893

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This blog post was written by Mariah Todd. She is the fall 2019 Outreach Intern at the Utah State Archives and Records Service. She is a senior at UVU majoring in History and she is particularly interested in primary sources. In 1893, seventeen-year-old Charles Arnup was arrested for killing a man. The following year, his attorney submitted a pardon application …

1910 Birth Certificates Available in Online Name Index

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Birth certificates issued by the Utah Office of Vital Records and Statistics in 1910 are now online and freely available to the public. The searchable index and digital images may be accessed from the Utah Birth Certificate Index. As all birth certificates at least 100 years old are public, also browse 1911-1916 online for free. In addition to identity and …