New Finding Aids at the Archives: February 2024

Gina Strack Finding Aids

The following series inventories were updated during February 2024 by our archivists: Inventory of Correspondence from Governor Lee, 1949-1956 Inventory of Colorado River correspondence from Governor Blood, 1933-1940 Inventory of Standing committee audio recordings from Legislature. House of Representatives, 1994- Inventory of Buzzer from Utah State University, 1909-1981 Inventory of Ordinances from Spanish Fork (Utah). City Council., 1899- Inventory of …

Second District Court Civil registers of actions from 1895 to 1938.

New Finding Aids at the Archives: January 2024

Gina Strack Finding Aids

Our archivists write inventories as finding aids to describe records. Here are the newest ones created during January 2024: Inventory of Lester Wire collection from Dept. of Transportation. Central Records Section, 1888-1982 Inventory of Records from Dern, George Henry, 1872-1936 Inventory of Naturalization Record from District Court (Second District : Morgan County), 1903- Inventory of Civil registers of actions from …

Court Indexes Now Online for Weber County and Iron County

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“Start your search—but don’t finish it—online.” Sunny Jane Morton and Judy G. Russell, “Researching Courthouse Records In-Person and Online” The Utah State Archives has a lot of court records. Before computer systems and databases, access tools were needed and created to locate a specific record. It was common from the 1800s to the late 1900s to use either bound index …