Court Indexes Now Online for Weber County and Iron County

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“Start your search—but don’t finish it—online.”

Sunny Jane Morton and Judy G. Russell, “Researching Courthouse Records In-Person and Online”

The Utah State Archives has a lot of court records. Before computer systems and databases, access tools were needed and created to locate a specific record. It was common from the 1800s to the late 1900s to use either bound index books or other record books that included an index section at the beginning of each volume.

Image of court index book

When courts are no longer creating and using indexes, registers, case files, and other records, they may transfer them to the Archives for permanent preservation and access. Not all court indexes are public. Most commonly, probate court records include adoption information, which is considered private by state law for 100 years, and means that most probate court indexes are restricted. 

Our reference services use all available access tools to find court records by location, name, or date. Some indexes may still be in original books, others have been microfilmed, and over the last fifteen years several have been digitized and published online. 

By providing online access, we hope to make your research easier before we even connect with you. Browse index books online before contacting us with either a case number, or for help when they cannot locate a name or case you are trying to research.The best way to find court indexes and court records is to use our State District Court Records Research Guide. Records online will have a link to “View Online.” The indexes that are online have been selected by our archivists for each county.



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