New Finding Aids at the Archives: October 2022

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Our archivists write inventories as finding aids to describe records. Here is the newest one created during October 2022: Inventory of Affidavits of kinship and indemnification agreements from Spanish Fork (Utah), 1995-2022 Inventory of Cemetery financial records from Spanish Fork (Utah), 1906-2022 Inventory of Justice court dockets from Spanish Fork (Utah), 1866-2022

The Great Salt Fake

Heidi Steed History, Research

A copy of a black and white photo of the Saltair sits above my Grandma’s desk. I’ve been obsessed with it since I was a kid. Her father claimed to be one of the bathers featured in the center of the picture perched upon a floating tub. He’s surrounded by a group of men and women, frolicking in their old-timey …

Utah Paves Way for the Historic Repeal

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This blog post was written by Ethan Weinschenk, a summer 2022 intern at the Utah State Archives and Records Services. He is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science from San Jose State University and wishes to start a career as a librarian or an archivist at either a library or a cultural heritage center. One of …

Highlights with Heidi: Research Archivist at Utah State Archives & Records Service

Highlights with Heidi: Children’s Aid Society of Ogden

Heidi Stringham History, Research

A few months ago, Heidi received a patron request for an adoption record. Within this adoption was a clue leading her to the records of the Children’s Aid Society. Let’s see what she found! In 1909, the Utah Legislature passed a law to protect “Dependent, Neglected, and Ill-treated Children” (Laws of Utah 1909.) By creating the Children’s Aid Society (Society), …

New Finding Aids at the Archives: August 2022

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Our archivists write inventories as finding aids to describe records. Here are the newest ones created during August 2022: Inventory of Administrative records from Castle Dale (Utah), 1909-1978 Inventory of Cemetery records from Centerville (Utah), 1898- Inventory of Financial records from Centerville (Utah), 1915-1978 Inventory of General plan from Enoch (Utah), 2012- Inventory of Zoning and land use applications from …

Mountain Meadows Massacre in the Records

Jim Kichas Digital Archives, History, News and Events

What Happened The Mountain Meadows Massacre occurred in September 1857 in a highland valley roughly 35 miles southwest of Cedar City. The Baker-Fancher emigrant party, traveling through Utah on their way from Arkansas to California, was attacked by members of the local Iron County Militia and purportedly some local Paiute Indians. The emigrants fought back and a five day siege ensued. On the …

Part of a civil case file record

Territorial Court Records from Cache County Now Online

Gina Strack Digital Archives

In 1852 the Utah Territorial Legislature provided that the Probate Court should have jurisdiction not only in estate and guardianship matters, but original jurisdiction in civil, criminal, and chancery cases. The Probate Court could act as an appellant court to the Justice of the Peace Courts in the County, and decisions made in the Probate Court could be appealed to …

The People versus Frank Smiley: Investigating an 1894 Sodomy Crime in Territorial Utah

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This blog post was written by Randell Hoffman, a 2022 summer intern at the Utah State Archives and Records Service. They are working on their Master of Archives and Records Administration degree at the San José State University School of Information. They focus particularly on community archives and community involvement in archival processes, as well as Utah’s LGBTQIA+ history.  Who …