Toward Better Access: Court Index Digitization

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When I first learned how to research court records, it was a multi-step process involving research guides, paper binders, and at least two sets of microfilm. Finding a particular case required me to: identify the court or jurisdiction (perhaps using the Historical Jurisdiction guide) identify available name indexes or alternatives (using the Court Records guide) retrieve and search the microfilm …

Finding Aids Updated: May 2018

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While our archivists write inventories as finding aids to describe records for research, we often update existing ones to include additional information and more holdings. This month, a number of inventories have been updated to include links to copies of records at partner websites, such as FamilySearch and Many of the copies are also in the Digital Archives, but …

World War II Registration as “Enemy Aliens”

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A new record series is now online consisting of Alien Enemy Registration Forms created by the Davis County Sheriff. From the series inventory: “The forms document individuals and families of Japanese descent living in Davis County from 1940-1945. The forms include the following types of information: household head’s name and address, landlord or employer’s name and address, family members’ names, …

Everyone Can Help Preserve History

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Preservation Week (April 23-29) is an initiative of the American Library Association (ALA) that highlights the importance of preserving records and photographs documenting our family, community, state, and national history. We encourage everyone to educate themselves a little and then pitch in to help preserve our history.