Authorized birds eye view of the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition (1909) Looking southeast toward Mt. Rainier. Denny Hall and Parrington Hall visible in the right foreground.

Highlights with Heidi: The Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition

Heidi Stringham History, Research

The Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, also known as the AYP Exposition, was a world’s fair in Seattle, Washington, in 1909 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Klondike Gold Rush. It attracted over three million visitors to the University of Washington campus and featured exhibits from countries around the globe, including the United States. One state that was particularly involved in the …

Photo by: George Edward Anderson. Used in "The Peoples of Utah" (1976).

Coal Correspondence: Inspector Gomer Thomas and the 1900 Scofield Mine Disaster

Guest Author Digital Archives, History, Research

This blog post was written by Jack Tingey, a 2023 Intern at the Utah State Archives and Records Service. Jack graduated from BYU with a BA in history and an emphasis on 19th century American history. On May 1, 1900, International Workers Day, Utah State Coal Mine Inspector Gomer Thomas searched through the wreckage of the Winter Quarters No. 4 Mine, …

Three boxes of records with an open steno graph notepad on top.

A Brief on Shorthand

Genesie Miller History, Research

People often use the word “shorthand” to refer to any manner in which they shorten their writing in order to write faster. For example, SMS systems on mobile phones in the late 1990s and early 2000s had strict character limits, charged fees for each message sent, and character input required multiple presses of keys on a very small keypad, which …

Photo of shorthand with a small doodle

New Finding Aids at the Archives: March 2023

Gina Strack Finding Aids

Our archivists write inventories as finding aids to describe records. Here is the newest one created during March 2023: Inventory of Resolutions from Provo (Utah). City Council, 1949- Inventory of Student tracking cards from Salt Lake City School District (Utah), 1954-1990 Inventory of Draft case transcripts from District Court (Fourth District : Uintah County), 1902-1947 Inventory of Information Practices Act …

Ann Eliza Webb: The Woman Who Divorced Brigham Young

Maren Peterson History, Research

The Utah State Archives and Records Service holds vital records for the state of Utah, including birth and death certificates, divorce records, and court records. Sometimes when perusing these records, an interesting story emerges. In a District Court Territorial Minutes book, Records and Information Management Specialist Maren Peterson unravels the story of Ann Eliza Webb suing her estranged husband, Brigham …

Photo of Lula Betenson's home in Piute County

Highlights with Heidi: Lula Betenson

Heidi Stringham History, Research

Although tax records have a reputation of being boring, they are a super useful tool for finding people in a specific location and time! To prove residency, a patron needed to find a property record in the Piute County tax records. I searched these records on their behalf and found a familiar name instead: Lula Betenson! You might ask, who is …

Photo of page from the South Summit School District Class registers. Marion School, Sept 1914 -May 1915.

New Finding Aids at the Archives: February 2023

Gina Strack Finding Aids

Our archivists write inventories as finding aids to describe records. Here is the newest one created during February 2023: Inventory of Board minutes from South Summit School District (Utah), 1915- Inventory of Class registers from South Summit School District (Utah), 1910-1915; 1921-1924; 1931-1932; 1942-1943. Inventory of Business license applications and bonds from Spanish Fork (Utah), 1882-1895; 1904-1909. Inventory of Mayor’s …

Utah Black History: Insight Into Alex Bankhead’s Life in Spanish Fork through Primary Source Records

Heidi Steed History, Research

Black Americans were among the first pioneer settlers to arrive in Utah, coming to the Great Basin as enslaved people. Although many lived in Utah long enough to become free, their enslaved status and later position on the fringe of Utah society have left us with incomplete versions of their stories. Secondary sources are often the only available records that …