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Digitizing a Cache of Pioneer Portraits in the Daughters of Utah Pioneers’ Cache Pioneer Museum

Genesie Miller Utah State Historical Records Advisory Board

Each year, the Utah State Historical Records Advisory Board (USHRAB) awards grants to organizations throughout the state to assist with the preservation and public access of our state’s history. These grants are made possible by funding from the National Historical Records and Publications Commission at the National Archives. As we get ready for the USHRAB’s 2023 funding season, we’re going …

Utah’s Emerging Record-keepers: Sydney Dahle, Cache County Deputy Clerk

Heidi Steed Records Management, Records Officer Spotlights

Sydney Dahle started as a deputy clerk in the Cache County Clerk’s office in 2021, and is assigned to work as the county’s official record-keeper. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri Sydney moved to Utah to attend Utah State University. Sydney has an interest in preserving history and helping people access government records, and recently graduated with degrees in history and …

Part of a civil case file record

Territorial Court Records from Cache County Now Online

Gina Strack Digital Archives

In 1852 the Utah Territorial Legislature provided that the Probate Court should have jurisdiction not only in estate and guardianship matters, but original jurisdiction in civil, criminal, and chancery cases. The Probate Court could act as an appellant court to the Justice of the Peace Courts in the County, and decisions made in the Probate Court could be appealed to …

Highlights with Heidi: Research Archivist at Utah State Archives & Records Service

Highlights with Heidi: Clarkston Records

Lauren Katz History, News and Events

This special find actually came from our OTHER Heidi who is a Records and Information Management Specialist for local governments. Recently her team visited the town of Clarkston in Cache County and were able to bring back some records to keep in our repository. Once everything is processed we will share more, but we couldn’t help sharing this sneak peek.  …