Spotlight on: Division of Arts & Museums – Emilie Starr

Avalon Snell

Meet Emilie Starr, the new records officer for the Division of Arts & Museums in the Department of Heritage & Arts. Emilie started full time last year, just in time for the division to make a scheduled move from their building (the beautiful Glendinning House) for renovations. Facing filing cabinets and closets full of records kept by her predecessor, Emilie …

ARO Spotlight: Student Data Privacy Team’s Records Retention Group

Rebekkah Shaw

It’s time to spotlight another team that is making records management part of their office culture. It’s a daunting goal, but they’re excited to meet the challenge! The Utah State Board of Education (USBE) takes its obligation to protect student information very seriously. The Student Data Privacy program’s focus is (among other things) to ensure that student data are protected, …

Legislative Updates to GRAMA and PRMA

Rosemary Cundiff

In the 2019 session, the Utah Legislature updated the Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA) and the Public Records Management Act (PRMA). Senator Wayne Harper, sponsored two bills (Senate bills 25 and 108) which contained the most significant changes. With Senate bill 25, the Legislature created a new records management committee. This new committee will approve records retention schedules …

Team Work Makes a Project Work!: Spotlight on Virgin Town

Heidi Steed

Even small towns have a good amount of government business to record, and just like their larger municipal counterparts, finding space to store all of those records is a never ending challenge. In the Virgin Town Hall, a historic school house, managing limited storage space is especially important. Just over a year ago the upstairs storage room in the Virgin …

It’s Time for Another RIMM Webinar Series!

Sonny Dulfo

Records and Information Management Month (RIMM) 2019 is here! To celebrate we are hosting a webinar each week in April. General Retention Schedules by Rebekkah Shaw and Heidi Steed, RIM Specialists at the Utah State Archives Wednesday, April 3, Noon-1:00 p.m. Rebekkah and Heidi will have a discussion about the general retention schedules–how they have changed, why they’re changing, and …

Utah State Archives and Historical Records

Sonny Dulfo

Does the Utah State Archives destroy historical records? There seems to be a pervasive rumor among governmental entities that the Utah State Archives and Records Service is in the business of microfilming and destroying permanent historic records. Let us set the record straight. According to Utah State Archives Assistant Director, Jim Kichas: in the latter half of the 20th century, …

General Retention Schedules and You!

Rebekkah Shaw

Have you looked at a General Retention Schedule and thought of a better title? Is there a citation you wish would be added or removed from the description? Or maybe the retention or appraisal is confusing and you’d like to ask a question. We want to hear from you! There are a few ways to give us feedback regarding the …

Gavel resting on table

Will the SRC approve your retention schedule?

Renée Wilson

Ever wonder if the Utah State Records Committee (SRC) will approve a retention schedule for your record series? Here are some ideas on the types of update requests that tend to be successful, and those that don’t.

The Utah State Records Center Security

Lisa Catano

The Utah Division of Archives and Records Service understands that an entirely paperless office is nearly impossible. Therefore, 6 years ago we moved and renovated the Utah State Records Center in order to provide a secure, offsite records storage facility for state and local government agencies. The Records Center can store 139,254 cubic feet of records for multiple agencies.   With …