Inauguration of a Governor

Gina Strack History

On January 5, 2009 Jon M. Huntsman was sworn in for a second term as the Governor of Utah. It was a smaller ceremony than in the past, as befits more difficult economic times. Records from these past inaugurations are available for many governors in the collections of the Utah State Archives, including:

  • Governor Maw Scrapbooks, 1940-1946.
  • Governor Rampton Inaugural records, 1961-1973.
  • Governor Rampton Photographs, 1965-1973. (with photo from 1969)
  • Governor Matheson Photographs, 1977-1984. (with photos from 1977)
  • Governor Bangerter Speeches and official statements, 1984-1992. (with address from 1985)
  • Governor Bangerter First lady’s subject files, 1984-1989. (with related notes)
  • Governor Leavitt Press office records, 1993-2003. (with addresses from 1992 and 1997)
  • Governor Leavitt Photographs, 1993-2003. (with photos from 2001)
  • Governor Leavitt Time capsule records, 2000-2001. (placed on January 4, 2001)
"Inauguration & Governor's Speech, Jan 2001"

"Inauguration & Governor's Speech, Jan 2001"

Remember too what can also be found in the collections of Utah State History, which shares a research center with the Archives. Like for example a pamphlet concerning the Inaugural Ball for Governor Mabey in 1921 (PAM 3235). Also, many inaugural addresses were published separately from papers and records kept by the Governor (and so likely preserved in the Archives) in the time before widespread broadcasting. Compare the message of that other tough economic time with Governor Blood’s addresses from 1933 (PAM 3052) and 1937 (PAM 3055).

And these are only ones found through an search for inclusion of the word ‘inauguration,’ there could be more!