Friends of the Utah State Archives

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During the 2011 Utah State Legislative session, a bill was passed that gave the Utah State Archives the ability to establish a Friends of the Archives fund. Effective May 10, 2011, the Friends of the Utah State Archives can accept contributions and donations to be used for projects that go above and beyond the Utah State Archives mission to assist Utah governmental agencies to preserve those records of enduring value and to provide quality access to public information.

Utah is not the first state to grant permission for a Friends of the Archives program. Nationwide, at least nine states have an established Friends of the Archives- Alabama, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, North Carolina and Tennessee. Accomplishments of these friends programs include: refinishing the Delaware State Archives research room, the purchase of valuable, historic documents (1775 Mouzon Map of North Carolina and the Fort Fisher Log Book for 1864) in North Carolina, and the creation of a student fellowship position at the Alabama State Archives.

The Utah State Archives is excited to begin a new chapter in our history through projects and collaboration with the Friends of the Utah State Archives program. For information about Friends of the Utah State Archives or how to contribute, please contact John Koerner.