Alliance for Response Forum

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An Alliance for Response Forum is scheduled for Wednesday, November 2, in the State Office Building Auditorium. This forum is part of a national program which seeks to strengthen communication between the cultural heritage and emergency response communities before disasters happen. Cooperative planning will enhance disaster responses and provide better protection for Utah’s cultural heritage. Speakers at this forum will include Randy Silverman, University of Utah Preservation Librarian, and Douglas Bausch from FEMA, as well as other Utah risk management and emergency response professionals (see forum agenda).

In addition to cultural heritage custodians, risk managers, emergency planners, first responders, and building engineers, are invited to attend. Optimally, the attendance of curators, record keepers, and emergency responders from the same community will strengthen alliances and enhance collection preservation efforts.

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“From Utah’s First People and pioneers to the completion of the transcontinental railroad at Promontory Point, the mining booms and busts to the establishment of the State’s National Parks and the 2002 Winter Olympics, Utah’s history is rich and internationally significant. As essential as preserving our landmarks and scenic wonders, Utahans must make a concerted effort to protect the state’s movable cultural heritage in our museums, libraries, historical societies, archives, churches, and city offices.” Randy Silverman,University of Utah Preservation Librarian.