Best Practices Exhange conference coming to Salt Lake City

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The Utah State Archives and Records Service invites you to attend this year’s Best Practices Exchange Conference in Salt Lake City November 13-15, 2013. This year’s theme is “Innovation and Creativity in the Digital World.” The event will be held at the Radisson Hotel Salt Lake City/Downtown. The conference registration form and links to visitor information can be found on the Best Practices Exchange web page ( BPE is an online community for librarians, archivists, records managers and other information professionals dedicated to managing digital information primarily in state government. Anyone with an interest in digital preservation is welcome.

Do you have new techniques you’d like to share? Have you developed a tool that can assist the effort? Have you learned from a failure and are willing to share the details with others?

Anyone with an idea for a presentation should submit a session proposal by September 1, 2013. Categories for sessions include the following:

Access: Legal and ethical issues affecting access; technology that improves access to records, or assists with redaction

Sustainability: Digital preservation and access in a time of scarce resources; turning grant projects into permanent programs; planning for an unknown future; improving skill sets of existing staff; the economics of data storage

Collaboration and Community: Crossing professional boundaries; finding unexpected partners; building new communities and partnerships; fostering leadership

Technology and Innovation: Real-world digital preservation projects; practical technology (practical tools and services being explored/developed by participants); tech trends (cloud computing, information technology consolidation, digital forensics, etc.)