New Tools for CAOs

Renée Wilson Records Management

To keep agency information up-to-date, records analysts from the Utah State Archives will contact the chief administrative officers (CAOs) of all governmental entities to review, update, and approve or remove records officers from the agency listing. Chief administrative officers will receive an email with a unique link to the Records Officer Review page for his or her agency:


The unique link (indicated here by the red arrow) navigates each CAO to a protected webpage where he or she can review the agency’s records officer information:


From the webpage, the CAO can assign individuals as records officers to specific agencies, remove individuals as officers from specific agencies, add new individuals as records officers, and update contact information for existing records officers.

It is the responsibility of the chief administrative officer to “appoint one or more records officers who will be trained to work with the state archives in the care, maintenance, scheduling, disposal, classification, designation, access, and preservation of records” (Utah Code 63A-12-103(2)).

Also, each records officer “shall, on an annual basis, successfully complete online training and obtain certification from state archives in accordance with Section 63A-12-110” (Utah Code 63G-2-108).

The Utah State Archives is required by law to post on its website a list of all records officers for each governmental entity (Utah Code 63A-12-110(2d)).

It is for these reasons that we ask each chief administrative officer to please verify the identity and contact information of records officers for his or her agency.

Questions regarding the update of records officer’s information can be directed to:

State government agencies—Kendra Yates, or 801-531-3866

Local government agencies—Renée Wilson, or 801-531-3842