New Employees

cmansen Records Management

The Utah State Archives is pleased to welcome two new employees.  Cameron Mansen is the new local government records analyst and Nova Dubovik is the new administrator of the Open Records Website Administrator and executive secretary for the State Records Committee.

Nova Dubovik grew up in Wisconsin and has recently settled in Utah, with her family, after retiring with 23 years of active duty military service.  She has been stationed in Louisiana, Arizona, Nevada, Alaska, Virginia, Utah, Italy and back to Utah.   She ended her career as the Air Force Advanced Composite Office liaison to the field and commercial entities.  She holds degrees from the Community College of the Air Force and Wayland Baptist University and will graduate with her Masters in Library and Information Science from San Jose State University in December. As a new member of the Utah State Archives, Nova is the Open Records Website Administrator and State Records Committee executive secretary. 

Nova was hired to be part of the Transparency Website team that is building the infrastructure for the new Open Records Website, which is under development.  This website is being designed to provide the public with a one-stop shop to request access to public records using the Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA). Her responsibility, as the Open Records Website Administrator, is to ensure that the public can easily obtain both the appropriate information and forms. In addition to being the Open Records Website Administrator, Nova provides staff support to the State Records Committee (SRC) as the executive secretary. 

            Cameron Mansen grew up in Utah.  After graduating from high school, Cameron attended the University of Utah where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Classical Studies with a Latin major.  While studying at the U, he worked for Salt Lake County Library Services as a shelver and clerk in the Holladay branch.   In 2011 he left Utah to pursue a Masters of Library and Information Science degree at Kent State University in Ohio where he found his passion for archives.  After returning to Utah, Cameron interned at the Division of State History, next door to State Archives in the Rio Grande building. He, with several other interns and staff members, inventoried and re-housed the Division’s artifacts collection which, has over 24,000 objects.  His final task, before coming to the Archives, was to help create the exhibit on Utah and Technology currently on display, which everyone should take time to visit.

            Here at the State Archives, Cameron is the new local government records analyst.  He works with local agencies understand the function and content of their records as well as help them to identify an appropriate retention schedule for them.   Cameron also assists local agencies in transferring records to the Archives and the records center.  Cameron supports local records officers by offering in-agency training, telephone and email consultation, as well as visits. Finally, Cameron will continue to foster healthy working relationships between State Archives and local agencies and help to identify and maintain contact information of chief administrative officers and appointed records officers

Cameron Mansen
State Archives Records Analyst
346 South Rio Grande St.
Salt Lake City UT 84101