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As of January 1, 2015, the Open Records Portal on the Utah State Government website is available for the public to make GRAMA requests to state government agencies. The portal can be accessed at

The Open Records Portal was developed in response to legislation passed in the 2014 General Session Legislative session of the Utah Legislature, which requires the Department of Administrative Services, Division of State Archives to create an open records portal in consultation with the Utah Transparency Board. The portal is a central point for requesting access to records from state executive agencies. The portal will be expanded over the next two years to include local governments as well. By January 1, 2016, the portal will include school districts, charter schools, municipalities, counties and public transit districts such as Utah Transit Authority (UTA). By January 1, 2017, it will include all special districts as well.

In addition to acting as a central point for making GRAMA requests, the portal includes download options for receiving records, information about state agency hierarchy, and contact information for records officers. The portal will be expanded in the future to include links to many public records which are already posted online, and allow for the upload and posting of additional public records.

The new Open Records Portal is an opportunity to promote government transparency and accountability to the public. The State Archives encourages record seekers to use the portal. Users may provide feedback by emailing

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  1. How are you involving municipalities? We take in thousands of GRAMA requests yearly. Are you going to require they all go through your portal? It would be nice to have City Recorders involved in this decision.

    1. Post

      I agree, and I hope we get lots of input and feedback. The applicable law is UC 63A-3-403(11), and municipalities, counties, school districts, and charter schools will not be included in the Open Records Portal until 2016.

      As of right now, agencies are not required to use the portal, with one exception: if a requester submits a request through the portal, the agency will need to print/save that request from the portal.

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