Fall Conference Presentation Materials Online

Renée Wilson Records Management

Most of the conference material is available for viewing at the links listed below. This information can also be found on our website at archives.utah.gov/recordsmanagement/event_materials/20161006-fall-conference.html. We plan to post more material over the next week, including any additional reference files (such as spreadsheets, etc.), and cleaned up videos of presentations (with audio fixed as best as possible).


Thanks to everyone for participating in the conference!


Materials available online:


Event Program
Event Recording, Part 1 (Use Bookmarks on left to navigate directly to presentations)
Event Recording, Part 2 (Use Bookmarks on left to navigate directly to presentations)


Kami Ball, Utah Valley University
Establishing a Records Management Committee
Presentation slides


Brett McKeachnie, Utah Valley University
UVU Email Retention Ideas
Presentation slides


Jim Kichas, Utah State Archives
Preservation Team: Understanding Formats
Presentation slides


Michael Hakkarinen, Utah Education Network
Expectations of a Constantly Connected Generation
EdTecHakk website
Presentation slides, part 1
Presentation slides, part 2