Newspaper Clippings and Biennial Reports of the Capitol Commission Online

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The Utah State Archives continues to celebrate Archives Month by focusing on the 100th year anniversary of the Utah State Capitol. This week we would like to share information on two new additions to the Digital Archives that help illuminate this important history.

The first is a collection of compiled newspaper clippings that document public relations efforts by the Capitol Commission and public opinion regarding the building of the state capitol. This includes newspaper clippings that document the design competition for the capitol building, arguments for and against construction, location issues, calls for voter participation, messages from Governor William Spry, and highlights from the construction process such as the laying of the cornerstone.


Newspaper clipping from the June 07, 1909 edition of the Salt Lake Telegram

The original Biennial Reports of the Utah Capitol Commission have also been digitized and made available online. These records provide an account of the monies used to build the State Capitol Complex, with the 1913-1914 report containing specific construction details and land procurement operations. The 1915-1916 report includes more specific design expenditures and a small history of the construction. Pictures of various stages of the buildings construction are also included.


Construction photo of the Utah State Capitol from the Capitol Commission’s 1915-1916 Biennial Report.