Public Service Recognition Week: Meet the Reference Staff and the Regional Program Staff

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As the manager of two programs at the Archives, I want to highlight the dedicated employees who work with me in our Research Center and with our Regional Coordination Program.

The Archives reference team is made up of individuals  assigned the task of assisting the public in our Research Center. They greet patrons with a friendly smile and do their best to help them locate records in the Archives collection. They also respond to phone and email requests for information.Tony Castro

Tony Castro started at the State Archives in 2005, working in our reformatting program. He came to the Archives with solid experience in assisting the public at the USGS and the Carson City Public Library and soon transferred to working in our Research Center in 2006.

Heidi Stringham



Heidi Stringham began her life at the Archives in 2008.  She also had good customer service qualifications, having worked as a travel agent and in libraries. At the Archives she worked on a GIS project collecting geographical data to be linked to the Archives holdings. She also took on the role of managing the Public Notice Website for a time before taking on her current role in the Research Center in 2010.

Currently, Susan Mumford, Rae Gifford, and Alan Barnett all serve as back-up members of our reference team

Transparency Open Records Team
Janell Tuttle
is a key member of our Regional Coordination Team, working with local governments and cultural institutions throughout the state. She worked as the Reference Manager for the Utah State Historical Society before coming to the State Archives in 2003. At the Archives she has worked as a records analyst and secretary to the State Records Committee. Currently her primary role is that of executive secretary for the Utah State Historical Records Advisory Board (USHRAB). In that role she coordinates activities of the Board, including its grant program for assisting institutions in the state to preserve and provide access to the records they hold.

The Regional Coordination Team also includes Lorianne Ouderkirk and Alan Barnett.

These employees are all committed to preserving Utah’s history and making it available to the public. Sometimes government gets a bad name, but I think these are the kind of employees that help make public service the primary goal of government in Utah.