Goodbye and Good Luck!

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Tricia’s time with the Utah State Archives has affected more than just policy and programs. This week I spent some time with our employees trying to understand the impact she has had on their lives.

When asked what they will miss most about working with Tricia, employees’ responses varied. Many commented on Tricia’s knowledge and her ability to defend the Archives and the laws that govern our state’s records management.  Others noted her positive and passionate personality. Employees noted her kindness, respect, and professionalism. As our microfilm technician Jim Duke said, “No matter if you were a [security] guard or a new employee she counted your opinion and listened.”

The employees also have a number of favorite memories over the years. While many recall her various costumes at the staff Halloween parties over the years, the Cruella DeVille shown here was fondly remembered by more than one employee, Tricia’s ability to recognize the importance of her employees was the most common theme among the memories. Small moments that impacted individuals in great ways were often remarked upon. Jim Kichas remembered her repeated encouragement and constant support just before and after the birth of his daughter. Janell Tuttle recalled how she was allowed to rearrange her schedule during one summer so she could help care for the new puppy she and her husband had just adopted.  Rosemary Cundiff recalled that when Tricia’s brother passed away Tricia still came to work to lead the staff retreat, even though the funeral was that same evening.  In these and many other ways Tricia has supported her staff and helped them to become the wonderful team that we are. As Heidi Stringham stated: “Tricia always had our back.”

Tricia’s unique personality and leadership skills will be remembered long after she has begun her relaxing retirement.

Today we had to say goodbye and Tricia finally allowed us to take her picture with her good-bye gift: A year’s supply of Diet Coke.

We will miss you and wish you all the best!