We’ve Moved!

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We have moved

On October 1, 2017, the Utah Division of Archives and Records Service combined our two blogs into a single, new blog: archivesnews.utah.gov.

The Utah State Archives serves a diverse audience, yet we are a single institution. Our new blog is an effort to provide a single voice at a single location for all of our audiences. We will ensure that all can find the information they need, such as: preservation of records, research, administering the Utah State Historical Records Advisory Board, records management, training, GRAMA, and the Public Notice Website.

With that in mind we will no longer be posting at this web address. All new content will now be posted at archivesnews.utah.gov. Our older posts on the Researching the Utah State Archives blog will remain available while our support team works to seamlessly migrate them to the new website.

Our new blog will have a number of regular posts to highlight the different responsibilities of the Archives. Our processing team (including the Digital Archives) will post on interesting records, new finding aids and research guides, and archival best practices. Our records management team will post about training, best practices, and the popular Appointed Records Officer Spotlight. We will be adding posts on re-grant projects for the Utah State Historical Records Advisory Board, as well as quarterly reports from our reformatting team, our records center, and a variety of transparency issues.

Finally, our new blog has a number of subscription options that allows you to follow the information that pertains to your interests. Our current subscribers were moved already with instructions on updating their new profiles. Find more information on subscriptions at archivesnews.utah.gov/subscribe/.

We hope to see all of you over at archivesnews.utah.gov!