The Archives Month Digital Exhibit is up!

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Our 2017 Archives Month Digital Exhibit is live!

This year’s Archives Month theme, “Destination History,” was chosen to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the creation of Utah’s Division of Parks and Recreation. It focuses on that Division’s original mandate to support the, “wholesome enjoyment of life.” (Series 83155, Laws of Utah, 1957, Page 324)

Our online exhibit walks visitors through Utah’s wonderful state parks using images found in our collections. From the Utah Park and Recreation Commission’s 1959 Report to the images of the “Scofield Snowride,” these historical records show how the Division of Parks and Recreation has worked to enhance the quality of life for both Utah’s residents, and the millions of visitors to our fair state each year.

If you are interested in our other Archives Month Activities, or you would like to see the great state park artwork created for us by Utah artist John Clark, check out the Utah Archives Month Website.

Check out our the exhibit here!