Spotlight on Jordan Chandler, Utah Military Academy’s Records Officer

Rebekkah Shaw Records Officer Spotlights

Meet Jordan Chandler, Records Manager for the Utah Military Academy. She has been managing the school’s records for 4 years.Jordan Chandler

Jordan said “I assist in managing Cadet Files, turning them into the state for auditing purposes, Registration, etc. It plays a huge part in my job, if the records management is lacking, I cannot stay organized, or find what I need to get it to who needs it.”

The most challenging part of her job: “Always staying consistent, sometimes it’s easier to do the fast way, rather than the smart, consistent way. Though, it generally doesn’t work out as well in the end.”

Favorite part of her job: “I enjoy an organizing challenge. I love to be organized, and clean things up, I feel more sane, when I know where something is, and I don’t have to search for it.”

Her advice to record officers is: “Stay Organized, and be consistent. It may take a little longer in the beginning, but will save you 10-fold in the end.”

From the Executive Director

Matt Throckmorton,  Chief Administrative Officer and Executive Director of Utah Military Academy, had this to say:

“She is fabulous! She serves as the registrar for both the Hill Field and Lehi Campuses, with a total of 800 cadets. On top of this, she manages all FERPA requirements and has set up all our files to ensure full compliance with USOE requirements. ”

Thanks for your dedication and hard work! We salute you, Jordan Chandler!