The videos are now available!

Rae Gifford Research, Utah State Historical Records Advisory Board

Presentation Slide. Left side reads Finding Your Family in the Cemetery Family History Workshop 28 July 2018. Right side is an image of the grave marker for John S. Ormsby from the Logan Cemetery.

Title Slide from Finding your Family in the Cemetery Records Presentation by Alan Barnett

On Saturday, July 28th, we held our inaugural family history workshop. We had some great presentations, and people were able to use our Research Center throughout the day.

We know not everyone has time on a Saturday to come down to the Archives. As part of our workshop, we recorded the presenters so we can provide continued access to their helpful tips. All of the class materials that we are allowed to provide are available on our Finding Your Family in the Records event page. Under each class title, you will find the available slides, handouts, and a link to the corresponding YouTube video.** We have also created a YouTube Playlist if you prefer to access them in a place that will play all of the videos one right after the other.

We are really pleased with how it turned out. We have received some great feedback and plan to continue to host these events as long as people are willing to attend.

**Unfortunately, we were only able to provide live streaming of Beth Taylor’s presentation on federal land records. Her slides and video will not be made available online.