Utah State Archives Statehood Day Event

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Have you ever wanted a chance to check out the Utah State Constitution?

Black cover of Constitution of Utah over final page of constitution with seal and signatures.

Statehood Constitutional Convention, Utah State Constitution, Utah State Archives and Records Service, Series 3214.

The Utah State Archives and Records Service usually keeps it in a vault for preservation, BUT our archivists will be in the Hall of Governors at the Utah State Capitol next week on Statehood Day with the constitution and other records of statehood to answer all your burning questions.

Event: Q & A with an Archivist and the Constitution

When: Statehood Day (Friday, January 4, 2019), 11:30 am – 2:30 pm

Where: Utah State Capitol, Hall of Governors (350 State St, Salt Lake City, UT 84111)

What: Archivists will present a short 20-minute presentation on Utah’s road to statehood, and discuss the constitution at 11:30 am and again at 1:00 pm.

Each presentation will be followed by time for a questions and a chance to view historic records and artifacts up close and personal. Staff from the Utah State Archives and the Division of State History will be on hand to answer questions about the records and artifacts on display.


We hope to see you there next Friday!