The Utah State Historical Records Advisory Board (USHRAB) Welcomes Cheryl Lone Bear

Mahala Ruddell Utah State Historical Records Advisory Board

The Utah State Historical Records Advisory Board (USHRAB) is made up of professionals from around the state who have experience in the management, preservation, and care of historical records. Board members are appointed by the Governor and serve three-year terms, each bringing their own expertise to the group and acting as a regional representative from all of Utah’s far-flung corners. We are very pleased to introduce our two newest Board members who joined us in January 2021. Today, let’s meet Cheryl Lone Bear!

Miqwh whas Tah-guvun… Nuh-nah nuchu nee’yah Nah-chee Dawh-kahw.  
(Hello my friends… My Ute name is Little Girl.)  

My English name given to me by blood is Cheryl L. Lone Bear. I am a member of the Ute Indian Tribe and a descendant of the Oglala Sioux Tribe. I hail from Fort Duchesne, Utah… the heart of the Ute Indian Tribe. I currently work for the Ute Indian Tribe, formerly the Tribal Librarian and [am now moving to work] as a Secretary for the Motor Pool Fleet Department. I spent the past few years as the Librarian and the Ute Indian Tribe Beading Instructor and recently, a Native American Beadwork Historical Preservationist.

Image of Cheryl Lone Bear
Cheryl Lone Bear, one of the USHRAB’s two newest members, formerly served as the Ute Indian Tribe Librarian. She continues to be actively involved in the Utah library and cultural heritage scene.

Question: What do you like best about the work you do?

What I like best about the work that I have the opportunity of sharing with the world and most importantly the Ute Indian Tribe is gaining new skills, relating to the historical preservation of the Ute Indian Tribe, and being able to share the relationship it holds with the state of Utah. More importantly, the one thing I have to say that has been the biggest pleasure in my work is, at the very least, the relationships and involvement it has given me. I have been able to share in the health struggles I’ve had, my educational accomplishments, [and] through my work capability, put it all together to demonstrate the understanding that I have held dear to my heart since I was 5 years old. It has been an honor to share that part of my life with the young and old.

Image of three young Ute girls
Cheryl, center, is passionate about sharing the history and culture of the Ute within the tribe and with the broader world.

Question: Can you tell us about a project you’re excited to work on this year (not USHRAB related)?

I am thrilled to be working with various museums in my local area as a bridge between them and the Beadwork that came from our Ancestors. Working as a Beadwork Historical Preservationist has brought me to understand that I am not only there to bridge the gap of history but to also bring back to life the beadwork that was left behind by my ancestors (weeh-nuchu).

Question: What are you most excited to work with the USHRAB on during your Board term?

As a Board Member I am excited to work with USHRAB on the relationship between the tribes I represent and the State of Utah on their Historical Preservation and the return of their cultural identity. 

The USHRAB is supported with a programming grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission at the National Archives. Our mission is to assist Utah’s public and private institutions in historical records preservation and access.