Rosemary and Ken at Rosemary's Retirement party

Happy Retirement, Rosemary!

Lauren Katz News and Events

After over 23 years of public service in state government, Rosemary Cundiff has retired! We celebrated Rosemary with a gathering at the Archives building attended by her family, past colleagues, volunteers, and Records Officers from local government agencies.

Rosemary standing at her retirement party holding gifts including a big that says "Grandma's Getaway Bag"

Over the past two decades, Rosemary has worked in almost all aspects of the State Archives! She started out processing old paper records and writing agency histories. Every day was filled with new discoveries in old mining books, court filings, and city minutes. She also enjoyed her time in the Research Center. Rosemary then moved to the records analyst section where she had the chance to travel the state making agency visits, doing records inventories, and providing training. Over the years she has been a manager, supervised volunteers, and worked with the emerging Open Government section. In 2012, Rosemary became Utah’s first Government Records Ombudsman. As an expert in the Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA), which is the Utah law that deals with the management of government records, she mediated hundreds of record request dispute over the years.

We’d like to thank Rosemary for the years of dedicated, high quality service she has put in on behalf of the State and citizens of Utah. She has been a friend and mentor to so many of us and she will be deeply missed.