2011 Training Dates Announced

wgfjr GRAMA, Records Management, Training

Dates and locations for 2011 records management and access training classes have been announced by the Utah State Archives and Records Service.

Records Management is divided into morning and afternoon sessions on the same day.

Records Management I is an overview of basic records management practices emphasizing government officials’ responsibility to retain and destroy records according to an approved schedule. Participants will learn what records are. Instruction about inventorying records is included.

Records Management II provides a look into format management and how records management applies to electronic records and adopting guidelines for e-mail.

Records Access is also split into separate sessions.

Records Access I offers an in-depth examination into the Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA) focusing on records access concerns including classification (who has access), records sharing, and subpoenas.

Records Access II will go over the basics of providing access, including handling GRAMA requests and describing the appeals process. Recent changes to GRAMA will be reviewed.

Classes are taught in four locations around the state—the State Archives Building in Salt Lake City, the Sevier County offices in Richfield, the College of Eastern Utah in Price, and Dixie College in St. George.

Records Management is offered in Salt Lake City (January 6, April 7, July 7, and October 6), Richfield (March 2), Price (June 1), and St. George (September 7).

Records Access is scheduled in Salt Lake City (February 3, May 15, August 4, and November 3), Richfield (March 3), Price (June 2), and St. George (September 8).

To register, go to http://archives.utah.gov/recordsmanagement/forms/registertraining.htm.