Contact a Records Analyst

Rosemary Cundiff Records Management

The Utah State Archives records analysts section now has a general phone number and email address where all questions or concerns can be directed:

(801) 531-3863

In order to streamline the section and provide better service, records analysts’ assignments have been restructured.  In the past each analyst was assigned to work with specific state agencies or local government entities as a liaison with the Archives. He or she provided training and consultation, scheduled records, and otherwise provided assistance for assigned agencies. Now, each analyst is being assigned an area of expertise. Each analyst will serve all state and local entities within an area of focus.

 Rosemary Cundiff is manager of the records analyst section. She will work with the preservation of historical records, including records transfers to the Archives, microfilming, and format conversion. She will also work with the Utah State Historical Records Advisory Board and Archives Regional Repositories. She can be reached at (801) 531-3866 or .

Mindy Spring will be the instructor of all scheduled training and will respond to agency requests for training. Mindy will develop online training and will manage the records management section of the archives website.  Mindy can be reached at (801) 531-3842 or .

Joshua Bullough is the general retention schedule specialist, and will be devoting full attention to updating the general retention schedules. He is soliciting your suggestions, and will organize focus groups to consider various retention issues. Joshua can be reached at (801) 531-3860 or .

Glen Fairclough will work with all agencies on updating or creating agency specific retention schedules. He will be available as a records management consultant. Glen can be reached at (801) 531-3841 or .

 Susan Mumford is executive secretary to the State Records Committee, and will continue to focus on records classification and access issues. Susan is also the Public Notice Website administrator. Susan can be reached at (801) 531-3861 or .

 You are invited to contact the analyst who is managing issues most closely related to your concern, or you may direct your question to the records analyst team:

(801) 531-3863