Micrographics: Duplicating Microfilm and Microfilm Storage

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Duplicating Microfilm and Microfilm Storage

Part 3 of 3

The micrographics department at the Utah State Archives is a full service microfilm department, meaning micrographics can develop, duplicate, and store both 16mm and 35mm films. Micrographics can also capture digital images to microfilm as well as produce digital images from microfilm and microfiche. The following post is the final installment of a 3 part series on the services available by the micrographics department.

Duplicating Microfilm

In addition to filming and developing microfilm Micrographics can also make duplicates. Diazo duplicates are the user copy, or the roll of film that would be used on a microfilm reader. Having diazo duplicates is important because master microfilm rolls should not be used on a reader, because of the risk of being damaged. Since July of 2012 micrographics has made over 1,000 diazo duplicated.

More durable than the diazo film is the microfilm silver copy. Silver copies cost more than diazo duplicates and can be produced as either a negative or a positive copy. The advantage of a silver copy is the durability and it can be a great backup copy to the master microfilm.

Diazo Duplicator Machine

Diazo Duplicator Machine

Storing Microfilm

The Utah State Archives’ collection currently holds over 117,000 rolls of microfilm. If the microfilm is stored properly, as shown, the film will last up to 500 years. The Utah State Archives meets or exceeds national standards because we store our film collection at sixty degrees and forty percent humidity.

Microfilm Cabinets

Microfilm Cabinets