Certify or Re-certify as a Records Officer

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We’ve updated our website to make it easier for records officers to request a link to the re-certification test. If you need to re-certify, you may now request to take the test from our Records Officer Certification page:


Clicking on the link that says “Re-certify as a records officer” will open a pre-written email requesting a link to the certification test. Records officers should complete the online training and certification test on a yearly basis (Utah Code §63G-2-108).

The certification page still has a link for new records officers to sign up, too.

If you’re not seeing the re-certification link when you visit the site, try refreshing the page (F5 or CTRL+R for PC, or ⌘+R for Mac).

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  1. As the secretary for a fire district I thought I was required to certify as a GRAMA record maintainer. Am I required to do this as well?

    Randall Knight

    Garden City Fire District Secretary

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    There’s only one certification test, so this is that same GRAMA certification. If you’ve already certified with us, you don’t need to do it again for a year.

  3. I did not see the “completed by” date. I will be out of town until 7/1/2014 and will be able to re-certify the first week in July.Janet WintersSec/Charleston Water Conservancy District

    Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2014 20:58:57 +0000
    To: jwutah@hotmail.com

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      Hi Janet! Are you wondering when your certification expires? It doesn’t expire until November, so you don’t need to take the test until then. If you have any other questions, you can email me at reneewilson (at) utah (dot) gov

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