General Schedules for Your Input

Rebekkah Shaw Records Management

As part of the General Schedule Update Project, the Utah State Archives is proposing the following changes to the general retention schedules for records management related information as well as construction records. We appreciate your input.

-Information Governance Records-

Records used in establishing and implementing records management practices. Included are inventories, finding aids, records management procedures and related information.

SG 1-11, 1-26, 1-37, 1-38

CNT 1-10, 1-13, 1-38

MUN 1-5, 1-32, 1-38

Until superseded or life of the related records


-Records Destruction Files-

Records which document the destruction of a governmental entity’s records.

SG 1-38 Retention:
7 years after destruction of records.



Records management inventories, plans and procedures should be regularly reviewed and updated. Finding aids are only useful for the life of the related record, giving the first schedule two retentions. Records destruction has been a general schedule since 2006. This updates the description and retention.

-Preliminary Plans and Specifications-

These records are related to the plans and specifications of approved and constructed facilities, roads or bridges. Information may include preliminary designs, specifications, planning, surveys, analysis, renovation, preservation and construction.


SG 6-5, 6-7, 6-10, 6-11

Retention: Retain until rejected or final working/as-built drawing has been produced
Disposition: Destroy


Utah Code 72-6-102 (2014)

Utah Code 72-6-103 (2014)

(The final is now the record and part of the next permanent schedule)

-As-Built Construction Plans and Specifications-

Final plans and specifications for approved and constructed buildings, facilities, roads and bridges. Records documenting construction of new buildings or facilities as well as renovation of owned buildings or rented buildings.

SG 6-2, 6-6
MUN 22-9, 7-14
CNT 27-3, 29-12

Retention: Retain until facility iscompleted.
Disposition: Permanent. May transfer to Archives for preservation


Utah Code 72-6-102 (2014)

Utah Code 72-6-103 (2014)

Construction records are intended to include road and bridges as well as construction or renovation to buildings either owned or rented by governmental entities. The second column are existing schedule numbers that will be obsolete when the new schedule is adopted. Your input on these submissions as well the schedule crossover are greatly appreciated! Please comment below or send your proposed changes to Rebekkah Shaw (, 801-531-3851).