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  1. I’m looking to convert a couple of digital images into a microfilm image that I can then trim to use as teeny tiny projection slides. (1-2mm diameter) Is it possible to get that done through here?

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      Hello Gage!
      We can do it, but the only way would be to black & white on 35 mm film, so it would use a roll in our digital film converter ($40 per roll). We also do not have slide mounts, so the roll would be given to you for trimming and mounting. I believe the cheaper option would be to ask photo finishing places, but we are not aware of any places still producing slides. It’s more common to digitize slides than the other way around.

  2. I intend to trim and mount these to very custom sized slides, no bigger than 2.5mm in diameter. I originally identified microfilm because it seems to be the most promising technology to produce an image of any detail when trimmed to that size range. Color would be nice, but what I really need is a very tiny crisp image.
    I do have a roll of regular color slide film I plan on using as an ultimate fallback, but I’m worried that the grain size will not provide enough definition on the scale I’m looking for.
    There seem to be very few places that I can find at least who even produce microfilm/microfiche anymore.

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      We may be able to help you with this. Please contact your analyst. Lorianne Ouderkirk for local government, 801-531-3860 or Rae Gifford for state, 801-531-3836.

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