GRAMA Legislative Updates 2015

Rosemary Cundiff GRAMA, State Records Committee

Legal updates enrolled in the 2015 Legislative session went into effect on May 12, 2015. The Legislature significantly modified the appeals process in the Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA), especially as it relates to political subdivisions’ adoption of local appeals boards. It identified additional private and protected records, and expanded posting requirements for the Public Notice Website. A comprehensive review of these changes has been posted on the Archives website.

In light of these changes political subdivisions with ordinances that provide for a local appeals board will need to review and update their ordinances. Implementation of these changes is a good prompt for every political subdivision to review its records ordinances or policies and evaluate whether or not updates are in order. The Archives is happy to assist and answer questions. Please contact:

Rosemary Cundiff at (801) 531-3858,;  or Nova Dubovik at (801) 531-3834,