Classification on General Schedules

Rebekkah Shaw General Retention Schedules

You may have noticed the classifications, or designations, on the general retention schedules have been removed from our updated website. This is part of the General Schedule Update Project.

A general schedule provides descriptions of common record groups, along with pre-approved retention requirements.  GRAMA states that the general schedule “shall govern the retention and destruction” of records, not the designation (Utah Code 63G-2-604(1)(c)).  The updated general schedules describe records more broadly, by function, which in turn makes assigned designations less meaningful, as the schedule applies to more types of records.

Classification means “determining whether a record series, record, or information within a record is public, private, controlled, protected, or exempt from disclosure”(Utah Code 63G-2-103). We recognize that some have been using the general schedule as a quick reference point for designation, and we apologize for its disappearance without warning. If you would like a reference guide, we recommend that you create an inventory of your record series with an assigned designation to each. You might have record series listed on our website with classifications already. That could be a good place to start. Your records analyst at the Archives is available to help you tackle an inventory. For assistance in determining the classification of a particular record, we recommend you review Module 3 of the Records Access & GRAMA Essentials training and, if necessary, consult with our wonderful Government Records Ombudsman, Rosemary Cundiff. She can be reached at or 801-531-3858.