Updating County Budget Records 2 of 2

Rebekkah Shaw General Retention Schedules, Records Management

Listed here are five financial retention schedules to be overwritten by the new financial schedule approved December 8th by the State Records Committee. If a retention schedule is overwritten by an updated schedule, it will be hyperlinked to the new schedule on our website.

The State Auditor’s Office also reviewed the schedule before it was seen by the State Records Committee. We hope this schedule will make the retention of many financial records simpler to manage.

Please update your records so the updated retention will be followed from this point going forward. Below is the updated schedule, then the schedules being removed from the  general retention schedule. If you have any questions, please call us at 801-531-3863.

Budget Records (SG 7-67)
These records are used to document the intended appropriation of funds. Information may include budget requests, proposals, and reports documenting the status of appropriations.
Retention: 4 years and then destroy.  (Approved 12/2016)

Budget Working Files (CO 3-6)
These files contain working papers used to assist in the preparation of county budgets and to justify budget requests presented to the county commission. Includes departmental budget requests, work-up sheets, cost estimates, and rough data accumulated in the preparation of annual budget estimates, related correspondence, and documentation for approval of final budget.
Retention: Retain for 1 year after the close of the calendar year covered by the budget. (Approved 06/1991)

Periodic Budget Reports (CO 3-8)
These are routine budget reports prepared monthly or quarterly. They document the status of county appropriation accounts and apportionment and are only used for reference purposes.
Retention: Retain for 1 year or until administrative need ends and then destroy. (Approved 09/1995)

Regular Budget Reports (CO 3-9)
These regular reports are prepared monthly and quarterly. They document the status of county accounts and apportionment comparing budgets and actual expenditures. They are used for audit purposes.
Retention: Retain for 3 years and then destroy. (Approved 09/1995)

Tentative Budget Files (CO 3-7)
These files contain tentative budget requests. “On or before the first day of the next to last month of every fiscal year, the budget officer shall prepare for the next budget year and file with the governing body a tentative budget for each fund for which a budget is required” (Utah Code 17-36-10 (1995)).
Retention: Retain for 5 years and then destroy. (Approved 06/1991)

Budget Authorization Reference Files (CO 7-2)
These are copies of budget authorizations in operating payroll units. They are used to control personnel ceilings and personnel actions.
Retention:  Retain until superseded and then destroy. (Approved 06/1991)