General Retention Schedule Publication

Rebekkah Shaw General Retention Schedules, Records Management

There have been a lot of updates to the general retention schedule this year. “General Schedule Updates, October 2017” can be found on our website. This new publication lists all new, edited, or obsolete General Schedules from November 2016 to today- alphabetically by schedule name and numerically by schedule number.  There is also an excel file in the table of contents available to download.

The Utah General Retention Schedules are policies created and maintained by the Utah State Archives which describe a group of like records and specifies the amount of time that governmental entities are required to maintain records before their disposition.  Disposition refers to the final stage of records management, when records are either destroyed or maintained permanently (transferred to Utah State Archives for preservation), depending on their appraised value.

The Archives is continually reviewing and updating these general retention schedules. Proposed general retention schedule changes are emailed to governmental entities who would be most affected by the change and other stakeholders. They are discussed in group sessions with stakeholders and records officers, and posted on the State Archives website and blog prior to submission to the State Records Committee. To be involved in this process, or notified if certain schedules are being discussed, please contact Rebekkah Shaw at