Good-bye Nova

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Dylan Mace, Nova Dubovik, Nicole Alder, and Paul Tonks sitting at secretary table during the February 8, 2018 State Records Committee meeting

Dylan Mace and Nova Dubovik at the February 8, 2018 State Records Committee meeting

For the past three and a half years, Nova Dubovik has been the executive secretary for the State Records Committee. In that position, she received and scheduled all appeals for denials associated with GRAMA requests. She has kept the Committee’s minutes and issued the Committee’s orders. She has traveled all over the state to provide training on GRAMA (Government Records Access and Management Act) and has patiently answered many questions about the appeals process.

This week, Nova is leaving state employment to take a job closer to her home in Willard. The Archives staff and the State Records Committee members will miss her. Members of the Archives staff have said in wishing her well:

“Nova has always been very organized, thoughtful, and pleasant to work with.” Elizabeth Perkes.

“I am deeply disappointed that Nova is leaving. She has always been generous with her time, knowledge, ideas, even with her chickens’ eggs. I learned much from her, and wish that I would be able to learn even more.” Dylan Mace.

“It is hard to find people who are excited about learning GRAMA. Nova has been awesome to work with.” Rosemary Cundiff.

“Working with someone as organized and efficient as Nova has been wonderful. I was fortunate to work with Nova on the SRC and found her knowledge of GRAMA most helpful.” Ken Williams

Dylan Mace will be filling in for Nova until a new executive secretary can be hired.

Nova Dubovik standing in front of a classroom of people

Nova Dubovik teaching a GRAMA class, February 14, 2018