How to File Oaths of Office

Heidi Steed Open Government, Records Management

Oath of OfficeHave you ever wondered where to file an oath of office? Utah state statute lets agencies know where to file oaths of office depending on the agency type.   

The Utah Division of Archives and Records Service has compiled helpful information on its website about filing oaths of office:

  • Where each agency type must file oaths of office
  • citations to the governing laws
  • forms for filing the oath of office

More Information About Oaths of Office

Oaths of Office for… File with…
State Officials File with the Utah Division of Archives
County, Precinct, and District Officers File with the county clerk (county clerk files with county treasurer) (UC 52-1-3)
City Officers File with the city recorder (city recorder files with city treasurer) (UC 52-1-4)
Town Officers File with the town clerk (town clerk files with town treasurer) (UC 52-1-5)
Metro Township Officers File with the county clerk (UC 52-1-5.1)
School District Officers File with the clerk of the board of education (clerk of the board of education files with treasurer of the board of education) (UC 52-1-6)