World War II Registration as “Enemy Aliens”

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Record from Series 22990

Series 22990 Alien Enemy Registration Forms

A new record series is now online consisting of Alien Enemy Registration Forms created by the Davis County Sheriff. From the series inventory: “The forms document individuals and families of Japanese descent living in Davis County from 1940-1945. The forms include the following types of information: household head’s name and address, landlord or employer’s name and address, family members’ names, birth dates, birth places and registration numbers, as well as the number and types of firearms and ammunition belonging to each individual or family. A number of composite listings are also included in the series, detailing many of the same individuals and types of information as the registration forms.”

This registration process is a result of the Alien Registration Program created in July 1940, to be followed by the January 14, 1942 Presidential Proclamation (No. 2527) requiring a second registration by aliens (non-citizens) of enemy countries. Local law enforcement, such as the Davis County Sheriff, was enlisted to help enforce these policies, resulting in the records that are now preserved by the Utah State Archives.

This registration process foreshadowed the infamous Executive Order 9066 for the removal those with Japanese descent from the West Coast of the United States. Read more about “Enemy Lines” from one of our previous blog posts.

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