We’re in Love: Trademark Registers Now Online!

Lauren Katz Digital Archives, Research

Happy Valentine’s Day weekend! We are celebrating the holiday of love by sharing our newly digitized Trademark Register series with all of you! This collection is packed with colorful labels of both popular national brands and smaller local companies dating back to 1881!

Trademark registered by ZCMI in 1896.

Series 401 – Secretary of State Trademark Registers, 1881-1979

This series is a chronological list of the trademarks filed with the Secretary of State. Each registration consists of the mark number assigned, the date of filing, the name or device being registered, the registering body, and the product upon which the mark is to be used. Some registrations include proofs of publication (primarily from June 1931 to July 1936), the address of the registering body, and samples of the mark (up to July 1936).

The last register was technically kept by the Lieutenant Governor, which took over the responsibilities of the Secretary of State in 1976, but the volumes still include “Secretary of State” at the top of each page. In 1985, the Division of Corporations took over trademark registration and continue to do so today.

An Abundance of Riches

With eight volumes digitized and over 14,000 trademarks to browse through, we know how we will be spending our holiday weekend! Here are some trademarks we found related to Valentine’s Day: