Highlights with Heidi: Research Archivist at Utah State Archives & Records Service

Highlights with Heidi: Case of Profanity

Heidi Stringham History, Research

A recent patron was researching our Sanpete County Territorial Probate Court records and pointed out an unusual court case. Have you ever heard of a “case of profanity”? In May 1863, Albert Lewis was seen in the Manti Justice Court for just that! 

Defendant came forward and acknowledged having been guilty of profanity in taking the name of Deity in vain.” 

a brief transcript of the proceeding

Mr. Lewis was fined $5.00 plus $1.00 in court costs, which is about $130.00 today. This is the first time Heidi has come across a case of profanity in our records and was intrigued that it appears that Mr. Lewis turned himself into the court. The case was found in Series 26609 – Sanpete County Probate Court Record Books. You can learn more about Probate Records, and how to find them in the Archives, by reading this Research Guide: https://bit.ly/3jTFn9w