Sanpete County Records Now Online

Gina Strack Digital Archives, History

A small digital collection that contained only the earliest Spring City Council minutes has now been expanded to include several maps from the same city.

Records in this collection were created by various local government entities in Sanpete County and document the history of the county. Sanpete County, located in central Utah, is a largely agricultural county founded in 1850. With its county seat in Manti and its largest city Ephraim, it is home to roughly 28,000 people today. Notable towns in the county include Fairview, home of Spencer Cox, Utah’s 18th Governor, and Spring City, recognized for its status as a National Historic District and a well-preserved example of early Mormon settlement. Records in this collection currently include cemetery and city plat maps from Spring City, and will be expanded as more records from the county are digitized.

We look forward to adding even more records from more beautiful towns and cities in Sanpete County!