Page from Grantsville City Council minutes

New Finding Aids at the Archives: May 2021

Gina Strack Finding Aids

Our archivists write inventories as finding aids to describe records. Here are the newest ones created during May 2021: Inventory of Council minutes from Cornish (Utah), 1937-2021 Inventory of Ordinances from Cornish (Utah), 1938-2016 Inventory of Planning and Zoning Commission minutes from Cornish (Utah), 1996-2016 Inventory of Resolutions from Cornish (Utah), 1940-2021 Inventory of Maps from Davis County (Utah). County …

Clues to the Polk Directories

Alan Barnett History, Research

Those who have used Polk City Directories in their research know how valuable they can be in tracking individuals, institutions, and businesses over time. But it’s hard to know exactly how the directories were assembled and why information is presented as it is. A receipt found among records from the Murray City School District sheds just a sliver of light on …