Records Management Software Survey

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What software do you use for your records management? Do you use a content management system? Simple spreadsheet? Custom software to fit your needs?

We’re looking into software programs used by different agencies. We’d like to become more familiar with their strengths and weaknesses, and how easy they are to use. What do you use to track your records? Leave a comment below or join the discussion on our Twitter page.

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  1. DEQ/SHW we use documentum to manage our electronic documents and Excel spreadsheets for tracking documents that have been archived and current files in our filing system

  2. DHS/DSPD uses a spreadsheet for records submitted to archives. Other records are housed within an operating system called USTEPS.

  3. Sanpete County uses a program called Efile. We scan the files and prepare a short index to identify the files. The text in the files is also searchable.

  4. here at DFCM we store our files in PROJECT WISE,
    and just use a basic spreadsheet to keep our records. The excel spread sheet is stored in Project Wise

  5. S L Division of Child & Family Services uses E Copy Pro Office for redacting & we useExcel to track the types of request and denials

  6. Commerce uses Content Manager for most of it’s document storage. We do not have any records management software associated with out Content Manager application. With the purchase of the new licensing system MLO, we are also using Documentum for document storage. However, Documentum is embedded in the MLO application and is not a stand alone system. MLO has the ability to provide some records management capabilities for Documentum..

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